Why Leg Days Are Important For Your Workout Regime

Why Leg Days Are Important For Your Workout Regime

Are you that gym freak who gets so busy building abs and biceps that he forgets to give his legs some exercise? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it is time to talk about leg days, whether you like it or not! The reason you should do leg exercises, along with other gym exercises for men, is because your lower body is also home to some of the most essential muscles that play a big part in giving you the perfect body.

Your shoulder blades, back, and arms may look noticeably beefed up due to your regular gym workouts for men, but you’re making a huge mistake if you’re not training below the belt.

Here’s why:

1. More strength: With strong legs, you can sprint faster, play any sport better and not get tired easily. Exercises for men, such as dead-lifts and squats will develop your hips and thigh muscles faster.

Image 2_269268941

2. Less Risk of Injury: The chances of getting injured get reduced manifold if men exercise and well-develop their lower body also. Squats and lunges are gym exercises for men that promote stability in the knee and this is, in fact, an effective way of preventing a ligament tear.

Image 3_289939856

3. Burn More Calories: When every part of your body undergoes strenuous exercises frequently, chances are you will burn more calories. In fact, straining larger muscles everyday requires more energy, which means your body will be burning more calories.

Burn More Calories

4. Improved Balance: Giant biceps, sleek waist, and thin legs give your body an unattractive shape. Focusing on legs will give uniformity to the shape of your body. Whether you’re a sports junkie or gym freak, it is important to bring a balance to your body’s shape.

Improved Balance

5. Reduced Back Ache: If you have a desk job, then you have to be extra careful about suffering from back and hip aches. Exercising your legs and hips daily can save you from this discomfort.

Reduced Back Ache

Smoothies to Complement Your Leg Days

Workout sessions are never complete without a healthy beverage. It is important to get all the protein you need on a daily basis for a proper gym diet for men. Pick your favorite:

1. Banana Ginger Smoothie

Image 7_257608828

This smoothie keeps nausea, heartburn, and stomach aches at bay. Moreover, bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and ginger in calcium and phosphorous.

2. Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

Image 7_139381658

A disease-fighter, this drink is rich in fiber and contains high levels of vitamin C and polyphenols that are good for the heart. Perfect for a healthy diet plan for men.

3. Spinach, Grape, and Coconut Smoothie

Spinach, Grape, and Coconut Smoothie

This drink makes your muscles develop faster and makes them stronger. Coconut and grapes pack a tasty punch in the smoothie!

Don’t ignore your legs any more. Opt for a workout session that strengthens your body on the whole!

Source:  www.malegroomingacademy.com


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