5 Hygiene Reasons You’re Still Single

1.Nose hair: 

This is usually a problem when you get older but some men have a furry disposition and the only thing to do is trim. Nose hair is extremely noticeable when you are talking to a person, so don’t presume she overlooked it just because she didn’t mention it. Keep a trimmer handy and clean up your extra hair every other week. Your nose trimmer can also be used for extra ear hair if that’s a problem.


2.Bad breath:


Morning breath can be excused, but at no other time are you allowed to have a rank mouth. Stick to the dentist approved routine of brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day, flossing once, and visiting your dentist every 6 months for a clean-up.




An itchy scalp can be caused by anything from changing seasons or someone else who suffers from the same problem. Chances are she’ll notice the white flakes on your hair or your shoulders and that’s a total turn off! Wash your hair everyday with an anti-dandruff shampoo and if the problem still persists then visit your physician.

4. Yellow teeth:


No one is telling you to give up on your teeth yellowing habits like morning coffee or your artificially colored sports drink. If you’ve always brushed regularly then chances are that you don’t have this problem. If you do have yellow teeth and brushing is not a good enough solution then there are plenty of teeth whitening strips available at drugstores, or if you can afford it then go for a professional teeth cleaning.

5.Body odour:


You sweat. It happens. While some women are apparently attracted to the natural body odour of a man, smelling nice always trumps smelling bad. Apart from the use of soap and other grooming products, keep your bed sheets and towels super clean as they tend to trap odour.

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy



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