How to Look Sharp for that Big Meeting

1. Media:

The media fraternity is stylish and laid back all at the same time. If you have to look fresh for a client meeting or even if you’re just in office, you’ll want to look put together while expressing your own personal fashion and style. You can do this by going with a tried and tested button down oxford shirt or a minimalist, solid denim t-shirt. Pair this with dark, fresh looking jeans and clean boots or classic sneakers and you have a great look that you can throw together in minutes.


2. Banking:


In the banking industry, your wardrobe has to be absolutely on point. Suits are still very much the go-to choice of apparel because, frankly, nothing looks sharper than a well-tailored suit. Brands like Calvin Klein make relatively inexpensive suits that you’ll actually want to wear on a regular basis, so go ahead and suit up! If you want to dress it down for a change, a smart button down shirt with a cashmere sweater vest also looks super suave.

3. Fashion:


If you’re in the fashion biz,it goes without saying that you should be experimenting with your individual style. You can be as funky as you like and rock all those clothes you were too hesitant to wear before. However, some high fashion brands prefer the less-is-more approach in their work atmosphere so don’t overdo it. If you aren’t really into the plumage, then we recommend a well-fitting black shirt or t-shirt with dark jeans. It’s minimal, chic, understated and absolutely never goes out of fashion.

4. IT


These days the tech world is leaning toward a more casual look. Even Mark Zuckerberg, an industry legend, keeps it simple with a solid t-shirt and jeans. With notoriously long working days, you want to dress comfortably for those extra-long hours that you put in. However, you also want to look clean and sharp; you never know when you’ll be called into a meeting with your boss or a potential client. So keep it simple, silly!A fresh shirt or t-shirt with dark jeans and a basic blazer you can wear on your way out.Another great fashion option is wearable tech, so consider investing in a smart watch!

All you need is some prudent decision making and you can impress not just by what you say but what you wear too!

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy


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