What To Do With All Those Fruits Your Relatives Get You This Festive Season

1. Smoothies:

Make yummy smoothies with the assortment of fruits you receive from your relatives. Blend them till the liquid is smooth and creamy. This delicious beverage is good for your health as it not only boosts your immune system but also keeps the calorie intake low. Looking to beat your festive cravings? Smoothies are the a (healthy food for men) option for you!

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Who says salads can only be made with vegetables? Turns out you can also make scrumptious fruit salads in no time! Such a salad is rich in vitamins and minerals and low on fat and hence a healthy diet for men. Of course, fruits selection can be altered as per your taste and preference. You can even dress the salad with honey or lime, or savour it with yoghurt.

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3. Cakes:

Although cakes are not exactly one of the healthy foods for men option, they are still the yummiest! In fact, fruit cakes have relatively low flour content. If you want to steer clear of sugar, bake a sugar-free cake with bananas, apples, oranges, or pineapples—whatever you’ve been gifted!

Image Courtesy: www.shutterstock.com4. Halwa: 

A perennial favourite of most people with a sweet tooth, this traditional sweet dish is quite easy to prepare. You can play around your mom’s recipe with fruits that are available with you. For instance, apple halwa is quite an interesting dessert. Apples are rich in vitamin A, calcium, and iron. Now what’s better than a perfect fusion of nutrients and taste!

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5. Cobbler:

This is a fruit dessert with a rich crust on the top and fruits at the bottom. Easy to make and as nutritious as any healthy diet for men and extremely nutritious, you can pick and choose fruits as per your flavour and convenience.

Image Courtesy: www.shutterstock.com

So next time you end up with too many baskets of various fruits, you know what to do with them!

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy

Image Source: shutterstock.com



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