Make 2016 the Year of Travel by Attending These Festivals and Fairs Across India

With India’s diverse culture and organizations coming up with new fairs and festivities all the time, there are a multitude of festivals happening across the country round the year. 2016 is just starting out, so plan your trips for the year and don the traveller, hippie fashion, to attend our top festival picks:

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1. Jaipur Lit Fest:

Proclaimed as the largest, free, literary festival on earth, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is a collaboration of the great writers and thinkers from all across the world. Started in 2006, it is 5 days of debates, discussions, and readings at the gorgeous Diggi Palace in the Pink City.

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2. Hemis Festival:

This 2 day festival is held in Ladakh to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The activities are held in June in HemisGompa, which is one of the biggest and most affluent Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. People visit from all over to experience this festival in the mountains with their unique, painted masks and exotic dances.

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3. Pushkar Fair:

One of Rajasthan’s most spectacular events, the PushkarMela festivities stretch for almost a fortnight. You get to experience luxurious camping and traditional Rajasthani delights at Camp Bliss. So come November, pack your bags and grooming products and head off to the Pushkar Fair.

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4. Enchanted Valley Carnival:

A musical adventure, this 3-day extravaganza is held in Aamby Valley City, Pune. Usually held mid December, this would be the 4th episode of this successful festival franchise. With camping around bonfires to witnessing musical acts from all over the world, EVC is a must attend!

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There are a lot many more festivals and fairs but these are the ones that we really think you should keep on your list. These are at different times of the year and at different places so while packing keep in mind the fashion styles relevant to the place. Experiment with your look and try some new styles for men.

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Content Source: Male Grooming Academy



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