A Country Within A Country: Malana Village Trek

1. Trek Is Easy To Perform:

This particular trek is easier to perform as compared to other trekking sessions of the country. The trek begins at Manali (near River Beas) and ends at the Baralacha Pass on the Manali-Leh road. The entire trek is absolutely breath-taking, blessed with not-so tedious routes and you are surrounded by the Himalayan peaks throughout.

Image Courtesy: www.triund.in

2. Major Highlights Of The Village:

The people of Manala are socially reserved and will not engage in a social interaction unless required. They have their own fashion trends. The village is small and has not more than 200 houses. Manala is known for its birch forests, lush meadows and rhododendron bushes that are simply beautiful. Its history is believed to go back to the times of Alexander the Great– which is why you will also find a few Greek ancestors in the village as well.

Image Courtesy: www.gallery.photo.net

3. The Trek Is Culturally-Rich:

If you visit Rumsu, which is located in Kullu, you can enjoy a couple of cultural activities as well. Visit the Nicholas Roerich Art Museum, situated at Naggar village. It is an epitome of the rich historicity of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, the folklore of the village is a mix of Indian and Greek mythology – which is equally interesting to explore.

Image Courtesy: www.weekendmaza.com

4. Unique Permission-Seeking System:

It is not easy to go and trek in the village. Malana has its own laws and the civil society functions rather differently. You have to seek the permission of the head of the villagers to visit the important areas in Malana. For the 1100 people living in the village, it is extremely important that outsiders respect their culture and policies.

Image Courtesy: www.myriadtrails.com

So if you are really interested to go on this trek, then visit it between May and Nov. Malana has so much to offer that the more is discovered about the village, the less it is. So go ahead, plan a trekking session right now!

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