Here’s The Best Way To Take Panga With Your Rival Team This T20

1. HE Scream Squad:

So keeping all this in mind, HE Deodorants is launching”HE Scream Squad” – a one-of-its kind visual platform that calls out for all cricket enthusiasts to showcase their love and affection for the T20 teams by talk-trashing rival teams.

2. How Can You Be A Part?

You have to form your own team or Scream Squad, along with four more friends of yours. Each team has to submit a video with the members cheering for their respective teams loudly. You can register your team at


Since sledging and cricket come a long way, the HE team decided to play around it this year and encourage enthusiasts to come forward and put up their best performance as a sledger. It’s a tournament-long campaign where each squad will try to trash the rival squad before every match.

3. How Will The Teams Be Shortlisted?

Fashion styles of Raghu Ram and Rannvijay Singh of “MTV Roadies” fame, along with TV anchor Archana Vijaya will shortlist the squads.


Wait, There’s More…

Although the medium of entries is visual, Squads can also share texts and images as well with the same message, i.e. trash talking the rival teams.

So we have given you the opportunity to take panga with the opposition this year. Make the most of it!
And go cheer the loudest for your favorite T20 team with every squad.

Content Source : Male Grooming Academy.


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