How To Go Stylish With Your Swimming Trunks

1. Not Too Hairy:

Some hair on men’s bodies, including legs and thighs, is ideal, but hairy like a bear is a total disaster. In that case, no matter how stylish your trunks are and no matter how good is your physique, you would not look good at all. So, if that is the case with you as well, then trim or shave your body hair, especially on thighs and legs.


2. Ideal Length:

Don’t wear a trunks that are two small and cover only your crotch area. It is as good as wearing underwear and only men who have a body like John Abraham can pull it off. Don’t wear long trunks either. They shouldn’t extend up to your knees. A pair of trunks that falls a few inches short of your knees is the ideal one to wear.


3. Ideal Fit:

It shouldn’t be too tight as it might then create a rather embarrassingly shaped bulge. It shouldn’t be too baggy or loose either as then it will look very unstylish. Make sure that it fits your thighs but not very tightly. Go for a slim fit pair of trunks as it will give your legs a better shape.


4. Experiment With Design:

You can be as experimentative with design as you want with this trunks. You can try bold colours and also neon colours, if it matches your skin tone. You can go for a simple plain pair of trunks or wear one with lot of bold patterns. Even flowery designs or polka dots will go very well on trunks.


Whether it is a pool party, beach vacation, or your regular swimming sessions, fashion style is imperative. And when you have just one piece of cloth to pull off that style, being mindful of the above mentioned tips is important. Rest you have to don’t worry at all.

Content Source : Male Grooming Academy



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