Young and Stylish Entrepreneurs

1. Rahul Sharma:

The 38 year old CEO and co-founder of India’s largest selling mobile phone brand was in news a few months ago due to his marriage with Bollywood star Asin. While his wedding did make headlines, with the discussion touching upon his stylish outfits at the wedding, he has his own style in general too. He is often seen wearing a black slim fit suit, with or without a tie, and looks quite sober and graceful in it. So, going simple with the classic colour doe seem to be his style mantra.

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2. Mark Zuckerberg:

The founder of Facebook has created a unique style statement for himself- the grey t shirt with blue jeans. He has made that style so signature that it is rather difficult to gauge whether the ensemble will look even half as good on anybody else. Apart from that, he is also able to pull off tailored suits quite well.

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3. Rahul Yadav:

The bad boy of Indian Start ups, this co-founder and ex-CEO of is noticed for things other than his usual antics as well. His style has a very casual feel to it as he is mostly dressed in tee shirts and jeans. His polos give his a cool and carefree, but at the same time, somewhat formal look.

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4. Naveen Selvadurai:

He is the founder of and doesn’t remain in news much, yet he is conspicuous for his fashion style. The 31-year-old young entrepreneur prefers to stay simple, yet his style reflects his persona of a modern man. He is often seen in well -fitted tailored suits, with or without a tie, and looks quite good in them.

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These young guns in the world of entrepreneurship are not just business inspiration but fashion inspiration as well, with their unique style and attitude. Surely, one of them in the list must be among your favourites. So try to borrow their men style, and feel inspired.

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