Kurtas with Denims – Why You Absolutely Need to Try This Look

1. It Looks Stylish:

Kurtas look quite stylish with denims. A well fitted kurta, one that comes tightly around your arms, is tight around your chest, and tapers down towards your waist, before widening again, looks as stylish as a well-tailored button down shirt. The best thing here is that the fashion style factor comes out effortlessly in a kurta paired with denims, and you don’t have to do much additionally about it.


2. Desi And Cool:

Kurta, is a quintessential male garment. It gives men a very earthy look. Pairing it with denim brings out the carefree you. It makes you look like the most chilled out person ever. It is also very comfortable to wear, which adds to the carefree attitude. You might just end up looking like Akshay Kumar walking out of a Punjab field.


3. Pleases All Sanskaris:

If you have someone at home, who thinks you are not sanskari enough, Kurtas with denim might be your chance to impress them. You can even wear it at a family function, where traditional is mandatory or at least need to be worn because the gathering is supposed to be sanskari.


4. Makes You Look Intellectual:

Kurtas with denims was once associated with journalists. It is also often worn by students from elite universities like DU, JNU, TISS, etc. Therefore kurtas with denims have got a reputation of being the dress of the thinking man. So, the next time you want to look all serious and intelligent.


Kurtas have got their own charm. They do away with the pretentious air of sophistication and make you look more grounded and rooted, without compromising on your style. Kurtas with denims is therefore fashion and style that every man must try at least once.

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy



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