Style Lessons from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 6 is over and people are wondering what will happen in the next season. Fan theories and predictions are already doing rounds and while we are still waiting for the next season, there are some we can discuss, apart from discussing what will happen in the next season. One such thing is style of the men on the show. Even though not many men are left alive now, keeping in line the show’s tradition of All Men Must Die, but whatever are left, are ridiculously stylish. Here are some style lessons from these men.

1. Jon Snow’s Man Bun:

Jon Snow, the son of Ice (Stark) and Fire (Targareyan) has been the high point of this season. The resurrected secret Targareyan’s man bun became quite famous this season. It added to the charm of his already stylish long locks. Snow’s character was all brave and macho this season, and his new man bun only made the character more convincing.

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2. Daario Nahaaris’s Beard:

Daarios Nahaaris is one of the most stylish characters on the show. Even though our Khaleesi has dumped him most mercilessly, it doesn’t do away the fact how stylish he looks with his long mane and beard. His unkempt beard gives him a rugged and raw look which goes well with his character of the leader of a military group.

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3. Jamie Lannister’s Salt and Pepper:

No other way could have been better to highlight the style of the middle aged Lannister who continues to look charming and sexy despite his years. He has come a long way from being a mere flamboyount knight, and his salt and pepper hair and beard give him the maturity that the character has gained during the course of the story.



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4. Lancel Lannister’s Close Crop:

Even though a minor character and someone who is already dead, Lancel Lannister looked every bit an ascetic in his close crop hair cut, something that seems a mandate for all sparrows of the Faith of Seven. The characters on the show usually sport long hair and beard, and hence Lancel’s close crop cut stands out and seems like something that can be copied.

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Even though Game of Thrones is primarily set in very medieval Europe sort of ambience, style has not been compromised. Good amount of detailing is given to each character’s look and there is a reason for everything that is included in the ensemble of the character. Due to this, taking a cue from the new fashion style of the men on GoT is a wise decision.

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