Meet Dipa Karmakar. India’s First International Woman Gymnast

1. The most recent achievement of Karmakar that would make any Indian proud is that she has been selected as the first Indian female gymnast to qualify for the Olympics. Thus, aspirations are that she will make India even more proud by giving the country a winning position in Olympics.

Image Courtesy: www.thebharatsite.wordpress.com2. Her coach, Nandi reported to the media that that this young gymnast was surprised out of her wits when she knew that she has received the much awaited ticket to Rio Olympics. However, the coach simultaneously remarked that being a thorough professional she has not let this new get over her head. Hence, instead of getting swayed in dreams she works relentless for achieving the top position and winning a medal for India. Thus, in order to make her dream come true she has indulged herself in meticulous practice ever since the news of her selection reached her.

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3.Coach Nandi has admitted that Dipa Karmakar was a bit apprehensive about her selection performance at the Rio Olympics. However, he simultaneously said that her previous track record and experience as a gymnast never let her tensions get over her self-assuredness. But he also admitted that the event was never easy as Karmakar was supposed to compete with lots of ace gymnasts. Moreover, it was her last chance to perform and prove herself as a competent gymnast.

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4.Nandi further remarked that the first Produnova vault Karmakar had to take was an immensely difficult one. However, this double value made her score 15.066 points, which is the highest among the fourteen competitors who took part in the event. Even though her performance at the uneven bar was not a satisfactory one if compared to this, yet she revived back with her ground breaking moves in beam and floor exercises that improved her overall score by making her win 13.366 and 12.566 respectively. Thus, a total score of 52.698 points made her secure the top 30 position and won her ticket to Rio Olympics. Regular gym workout is one of the fitness secret of Dipa.

gymnastic become a latest trend in Olympics.

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy


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