How Ranbir Kapoor’s Look Evolves In Ae Dil Hai

1. The chocolate boy:

The beginning if the movie will be set to revolve around Anushka and Ranbir. In this part, he seems to be playing a nonchalant, easy going guy. His look exhibits this very well as his hair, beard and apparel are all designed to give a very casual look.

Image Courtesy: filmfare

2. The dreamer:

As the movie progresses, Ranbir develops a look which is a bit more serious. He is slightly well groomed, this dressing style changes to give a more solemn appearance.

Image Courtesy: Deccan chronice

3. The romantic:

As Aishwarya comes into the picture, Ranbir becomes the classic love-struck romantic who smiles, dances and sings. Even though he has a full grown beard and he looks a lot more serious, there is a happy air about him. But the sad part is that the chemistry between Anushka and Ranbir causes so much tension that we speculate that this would be a very brief stage.

Image Courtesy: Bollywood bubble

4. The brooder:

The trailer hints that no matter whom they might fall in love with, Ranbir and Anushka will keep rebounding towards each other. This apparently takes a toll on Ranbir and he starts looking a lot more serious and it feels like the stress has caused him to mature a lot. His getup is a lot graver and even though he manages to pull this off too, the aura created by this look sets the stage for the climax.

Image Courtesy:Indian express

We hope this won’t be another Bollywood cliché and that it has something different in store for us. Make sure you catch it on the 23rd of October!

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy


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