4 Reasons Why There Can Be No One Like Kalam

Image Courtesy: India Today

1. His work is respected by all:

Dr. Kalam is one of the most renowned scientists to have ever lived. His work in engineering has helped India’s technological advancements leaps and bounds. Even though he always maintained a humble profile, his work in the fields of the space program, missile development and the nuclear program is truly commendable. Each of these contributions has helped India develop technology vital for its defense.

Image Courtesy: WordPress

2. Truly secular:

Dr. Kalam is a role model in every field of his life, especially when it comes to his secular nature. He never let himself become biased in terms of matters containing religion as people mostly do. Both Hindus and Muslims have been in conflict for ages due to political bureaucracy for ages and Dr. Kalam showed us how it doesn’t have to be that way. He focused on how we can all work together to make our country great, which is something we should all strive for.

Image Courtesy: Swarajya

3. An active President:

Even though the Indian Constitution does not give the President a lot of power and the post is seen mostly as one of show, Dr. Kalam’s work disproves this completely. He participated actively in all matters related to the country, the most important being the India –U.S.A. nuclear deal. He made India proud at every International convention that he attended. He was also actively involved in the education of the youth of India and also authored several inspirational books.

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

4. Modest to the core:

Dr. Kalam is loved not just because of his achievements and the work he did for his country, but also because he was always modest about everything he achieved. He has always been very interactive with people attending his speeches and seminars. Always a believer of simplicity, he never let himself get absorbed into the luxuries that he was offered. Even during his stay at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, he used a simple room and often had food with his staff, right on the floor. How can one not love such a man?

Image Courtesy: WordPress

Though we all mourn his passing, what we should do is learn from everything that he stood for. There are very few people who manage to be an idol in all walks of life. Above everything else, he was an excellent human being and will be in our hearts forever.

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