Why Badminton in India has a bright future

1. P.V Sindhu and Sania Nehwal lead the show:

Sania Nehwal and P.V. Sindhu have emerged as world-class players under the guidance and mentorship of the renowned Indian coach,Pulela Gopichand. Both players have done India proud at the Olympics as well as other international tournaments. They have been not only brought India to the forefront of badminton but also inspired thousands of young, budding players to take the sport seriously.


2. Budding shuttlers have a great future:

We also have a lot of young talented players training hard to tread in the footsteps of Nehwal and Sindhu. Parupalli Kashyap and Jwala Gutta are among the top badminton players whose game is absolutely remarkable. According to Gopichand, the future of badminton in India looks bright and promising.


3. Pulela Gopichand’s contribution to the field of badminton:

The game of badminton has undergone a massive change, courtesy Pulela Gopichand. A modest man who isn’t easily lured by limelight has been consistently producing the gold of Indian badminton over the last decade. All the brilliant badminton players of today are products of his training school in Hyderabad. Kudos to his relentless hard work and dedication!


4. Nurturing new talent by setting up badminton academies:

According to Pulela Gopichand, there is no dearth of talent in the game of badminton. What is lacking is the ability to nurture these players and show them the right path with excellent coaching. To fill this gap, he has set up training centres all over India in Gwalior, Tanuka, Vadodra, and Salem. He is further planning to open an academy in Greater Noida.

Content Source: Male Grooming academy




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