How Do You Plan On Bringing In The New Year?


1.Black light party:

With a little ingenuity, your living room can be transformed into a chic club without the expense! Simply swap in some black-light bulbs around the room, dim the lights, and let the party begin. Have guests come dressed in light-colour or white clothes and then watch their clothes look eerie under the black light.


2.Celebrity Scandal party:

2016 was full of scandals for most celebrities. Tell your guests to arrive as their celebrity scandal of 2016 by dressing as a parody of the gossip or as the celebrities themselves.

Image Courtesy: MTL blog

3.Bonfire Party:

An intimate gathering could also be the right way, take friends out back for a bonfire party. As you gaze at the stars, sip warm drinks and remember the past year. Have your loved ones write down what they want to leave behind in 2016 and burn the notes in the fire.


4.Masquerade party:

While we all love getting dressed to bid goodbye to 2016, why no add a little bit more and make it a masquerade party. This was your guests can arrive wearing exquisite masks feeling like they’re attending royal ball and you can kick start off the year in a royal manner.


Instead of going to the same old parties where you dance for a few hours on music played by a dj, why not throw your own party.

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy


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