How To Make Your Wedding Apparel Stand Out This Winter

1. Clothes that fit well:

the only thing that is bad when it comes to suits are the ones that do not fit well. An easy way to ensure that the suit you’re donning compliments you perfectly in a way that Barney Stinson’s would be proud of would be to get a well fit one. Buy the size that fits you perfectly and not even an inch bigger.


2. Groomed hair and beard:

Presenting yourself well at any function during a wedding is the easiest and simplest thing that you can do. Use some hair wax or hair get to get your hair in shape perfectly for the day and have a beard which is well done so you do not look like you’ve just joined the party from the jungle.


3. Shoes on point:

Shoes are the first thing that is seen in any outfit. Make sure that your shoes are clean and presentable and that they match the attire (i.e. do not be seen wearing loafers with a sherwani)


4. Shine away:

Since it’s a wedding (possibly yours) that you have to be at, try to indulge a little in glossy clothes. We’re not saying you need to look like a house lit for Diwali but do not wear a simple boring black suit, pump your choice up by wearing festive outfits.


These are simple points that need to be kept in mind they’re also basics that many of us forget most of the times. When truly implemented, it’ll make your appearance at any wedding stand out from the rest.

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy



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