What makes Abhishek Bachchan a Perfect Aquarian

Image Courtesy: Sekho

1. He is born Witty!

He’s like…the wittiest of all Aquarians. You can gauge that from his slapstick dealings with the paparazzi. He knows exactly how to deal with the ups and downs of life. The way he gives a piece of mind to his lame critics on Twitter is one of the finest examples of his sharp wit.

Image Courtesy: Miss Malini

2. The most Innovative Aquarian:

The man had the guts to turn the almost dead game of India into a sidesplitting sport. Yes, I am talking about Kabaddi- the Game of Bones! Abhi managed to commercialize this rural sport into a national blockbuster through his IQ and acumen, natural traits every Aquarian possesses.

Image Courtesy: India.com

3. His charm is no mystery!

The boy scored the most beautiful woman on the planet! Definitely he’s got much more than a cute face and a charming demeanor. AB Baby is known for his zealot attitude and honesty. No wonder Ash fell head over heels for this true Aquarian.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

4. His Rationality and Practicality are exemplary:

Like every Aquarian, Abhi is not one of those lovey-dovey, love-struck puppies who believe everything is fair in love and war. He’s very pragmatic in his approach and knows how to call a spade, a spade.

Image Courtesy: businessofcinema

Now you know why Abhishek is an unparalleled Aquarian. Despite seeing such cloudy days in Bollywood, he manages to maintain his modesty with precision.

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy



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