Trends to Look Forward To For Spring-Summer 2017

Have you been flipping the pages of top fashion magazines to know what’s ‘in’ this spring season among the latest fashion for men? Well, don’t.

Not everything that hits the runway can be pulled off by us mango people (Aam Aadmi).  But yes; you can get a sense of what’s trending in the men’s fashion world by picking up a few tips here and there. So let’s take a sneak peek at the popular fashion trends this summer.

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Sweat pants tucked in

Once considered geeky and boring, tucked in sweat pants is a trend that’s now being followed by top celebs.

Take for instance Diljit Dosanjh- his cool swagger is one to die for! A plus in this fashion style is that you get to flaunt your funky, printed socks too!

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Bring out the sportsman in you

Remember those oversized sports hoodies you once loved so much that wearing them to a formal party wasn’t exactly a bad idea?

Well, all the Italian sports titans such as Fila and Kappa are back on the runway in collaborations with the ffashion honchos.

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Bye Bye Slim fit suits

If you loved the laid back look of Chandler in Friends and SRK in DDLJ, then these baggy, comfort fit suits are meant just for you! It’s time to put your slim cut formal wear in your bed drawers and buy yourself a nice, broad-shouldered coat pant.

Buy a pair of wide-cropped trousers

Last but not the least, lose all your pencil fit chinos. It’s time to grab those loose fit, cropped trousers this spring season.

You can use your dad’s old-stored trousers and fold them from beneath, if you don’t want to spend much. Phew! You can finally let go of those extra-tight pants and let your legs breathe!

This spring-summer season is all set to make you feel comfortable and snug as a bug in a rug! Follow our advice from this top fashion blog to look cool and cozy in 2017!


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