Protect You Head from Heat in Style This Summer

While we loved dressing up in boots and jackets in winter, summer has now finally set in and it’s time to take out the shorts and flips flops. Summer heat means extra care for the skin and hair. It is necessary hat while we look good; we also keep ourselves healthy and protected. Here are a few ways to look fashionable yet be safe in the sunny weather.

  1. The Flat Cap
    This hat originally had its roots in English hunting traditions, and was donned upon every newspaper boy in America. You can view it as a suave version of the baseball cap. They come in many different materials, which in turn compliment style. If you are after a leather or navy colour, wearing an overcoat in dark colours is a stylish statement.

  1. The Boater
    As odd as it may sound, back in the days people wouldn’t be caught not wearing this hat. If you are someone who likes experimenting with their hat choices and always is looking for something new and exciting to add to your wardrobe, a boater hat is a perfect fit. It also gives a small outer projection which gives us an extra point against the sun.

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  1. The baseball cap-
    The old school baseball cap without any sneakers may not give you a perfect look like a snapback for a street-style outfit but it does add a touch of stability to yr wardrobe. Baseball caps have hardly changed over the time, be it their material or the look. Hence, they’re always a good choice.

The baseball cap

  1. They’ve been round since the 1950s and that’s when they became known as an urban piece of wear. A snapback can be worn in several styles and the parts of a snapback hat allow – either with the brim upward, down or backwards. Confidence is the key to wearing a snapback. So if you have that, you’re good to adorn these boys in the sun.

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  1. The classic Fedora-
    Ever looked at a well-dressed man in a suit in an old black and white movie with hat and wondered if you could pull off the graceful look he has? Well, fedora hats are your cheat trick towards that posh image. A fedora hat can simply add the essence of a classic look to even the most casual outfits.

While these are simply a few types of hats, there are hundreds more than can be used to make a style statement. All you have to do is explore and learn what works best for you!


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