8 Signs To Buy A New Suit

The winters are back, so is the winter fashion season for men. But are you going to wear the same old suit you got stitched few years back?

Hold on, check the signs given below that are noticeable to yourself and to the onlookers before you choose to repeat the same saga again this year.

#1 Black is out

Yes, Navy is the new black. Black is no more the style of the gentlemen when it comes to wearing suit. Light Gray, Charcoal and navy are the best colors for business wear.

Ost of the fashion houses have introduced the suits according to this new trend in fashion for men. So, if you are still clinging on the black suit, either keep it back in the wardrobe, or wait for the mens fashion to again take a U-turn.

#2 No Pleats on trousers

If you still have pleats on your trousers, it’s time you should start visiting stores, your pants should be straight fir with absolutely no pleats.

Your pants should be stitched according to the slim fit style, with contemporary tighter fittings according to your body shape.

#3 Single buttoned only –

Single buttoned is the new fashion for men in India, do not get influenced by online sellers about the authenticity and cheap price of many buttoned or double-breasted blazers that do not sell any more.

If you have any of those in your wardrobe, it is time to say good-bye.

#4 Length of the blazer

Your blazer should be stitched just below your wait, neither little up o down, if your suit’s blaze is far below the wait, pack it off, get more stylish. Let the veteran go.

#5 Slimmer Lapels – Check the lapels, they should be slimmer not wide.

Wide lapels are not worn by the stylish lot, if they touch your shoulders – you should give the piece to your grandfather.

#6Prefer Plain Colors –

If you have fused color, patterned, tweeds keep them aside, do not wear them on important meetings and get-togethers, unless useless where retro look is the theme.

#7 Bobbles –

if you notice bobbles on the collars, neck, wrist region or near the waist of your blazer, the condition of the cloth is not suitable for you to wear on a presentation day, when all eyes are on you.

#8 Pocket Square is back

Your suit should be apt for wearing a pocket square rather than a boutonniere, the pocket square has made a huge come back, wear it on any important function and meeting you will surely get all the attention you need.

Image Source:- http://www.mensxp.com



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