Best Father Son Bonding Activities

You need to recognize that sons get highly influenced by their fathers. You also have invariably learnt lot of things just by watching the actions of your father. In fact, father has the highest influence on his son’s personality.

A child learns how his father interacts with women, the way he respects, talk and behaves. Hence, it is important to keep your anger, quarrels and unruly behavior miles away from your son.

Father are considered as the benchmark figures for most son, they generally compare lot of other men on the positive or negative parameters.

Let’s say if you rigorously smoke, follow strictly diet chart for men or adhere to new trend in fashion for men, invariably your son will either start doing it or will completely dislike and do the opposite!

Here are some suggested father son activities that you need to pursue to build up your bond.

#1 Go on Outdoor Trip –

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Camping is the best masculine outdoor activity that you need to pursue with your son. Along the way, there will be innumerous teaching opportunities right from how to start a fire, to the ways to navigate with a compass, using a pocket knife, identifying plants and animals, to tying the basic knots, you both can have hours of fun filled sessions together.

This can actually be the best time to pass down the practical knowledge while sitting around a campfire that can give you a chance to talk about manly wisdom on life.

#2 Playing Games –

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Indoor or outdoor, mobile or Xbox you need to participate in all the games that your kid loves to play, let him learn the game spirit – the gains, the losses and the struggles.

Let him perspire to improve the shots, the angles and the stamina.

#3 Stay at a Religious, Spiritual Center –

Image result for son go with dad at temple

Making your son grounded is an important lesson, help him to understand the deeper meaning of life. You need to prepare him for future, give him lessons that he can help him endure hardship and thrive personally.

Fathers need to have conversations with their sons about meaning of life, manhood and responsibilities.

#4 Get involved in a service project –

You need to teach kid the importance of giving back by undertaking a service project – the more exemplify, the more he learns.

There are abundant opportunities to serve all around us – just volunteer yourself by helping somebody in having a meal, getting warmth of care – let him rub shoulders with different kinds of people, and he’ll have more compassion for humanity.


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