New fashion for men in India is now stirred by the most followed celebrities on Instagram. With nearly 12.1 million followers, the sexiest man in Asia, Shahid Kapoor is now the most preferred choice of Inspirations for men. We present you the top outfits of Shahid Kapoor that you should not miss.

#1 Monarch of Layering

Image result for Monarch of Layering outfit by shahid

The epitome fashion style of Shahid Kapoor from his sense of layering. He can combine perfect color in his wardrobe by the timing of the layering that generates a boyish charm and youthfulness in the wardrobe.

You can easily chose a peach shirt over a graphic tee and casual trousers to look fashionable in an economical way! Add the white sneakers to add more flavor and you will create a glamor like Shahid in your appearances.

Similar to your favorite male icon you should know how to keep it simple and comfortable and effortlessly cool – pick a loud cotton T-shirt with a button-down shirt and ripped denims and you have made your mark like Shahid.

Later in the evening add a classic waist-length bomber or varsity jacket on your flexible chinos and mischievous suede loafers.

#2 All Black Out

Image result for Party, Black outfits worn by Shahid

Wedding, Diwali, Festive or Party, Black outfits worn by Shahid have become a sensation. You will have to include the all black casual and formal wear outfits in your wardrobe. Most of the likes and comments have gone for this collection for men.

Tight fitting T shirt with skinny black jeans along with contrasted sneakers or sleeveless hoodie with cargo pants with floaters, these all black outfits of Shahid are inseparable from him. Go ahead and adore this all-black outfits. If you are looking for more formal, black sherwani look of Shahid is   still referred by many fashion designers.

The ethnic Indian wear sherwani looks awesome in black, endorsed by Shahid, this outfit will definitely make you outlandish if you combine it with right Juttis and hairstyle. Get straight inspirations from the Shahid’s insta profile.

#3 The Man of Printed Suits

Image result for printed suits outfits worn by Shahid

This guy can carry off anything with a style, even the printed suits. Watch out his iconic formal wear collections especially the printed formal suits for men.

He has literary started the men new style by adoring it at the most famous gatherings and celebrities’ get-togethers.  Combine the black tie with printed tuxedo jacket with a plain shirt. You may also need to take off the look with a sexy bow tie, combine it with a back swept gelled hair and formal shoes.

For extra manly appearance, you should leave the stubble on as it is the new fashion style for men. You can choose to even wear a suit with the lapels having polka dots – similar to Shahid’s preferences.

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